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A better world through data.  

Our History.

We are a team of data scientists and IT professionals with extensive experience in planning, designing and building software applications. With the aim of giving back to the community, we started working with the not-for-profit group Bohol Local Development Foundation. We have helped them build their data analytics capability and ensuring that the EU funded database on poverty indices are maintained and the software is accessible anywhere, anytime. The original database was called Poverty Database Management System (PDMS), we have migrated the data onto a cloud-based system, with improved analytics and geomapping functionality. We called this system “Dama” which stands for data mapping and which also means “feeling” in Filipino language.  The software is able to rank and identify the location of the poorest of the poor which is critical in making sure that the social benefits reach the right target beneficiaries.

We were also involved in the Drug Interventions Program for Surrenderees (DIPS) where we developed the statistical analysis of a pilot substance abuse survey in Baclayon, Bohol, which we then upgraded to become an analytics and geomapping online application for this type of survey. We called this system Gemma.

From then on, we thought we should continue helping not-for-profit groups and local government implement data analytics programs. We think the community will benefit by us sharing our knowledge and expertise.

When Covid struck, it was a perfect opportunity for us to be proactive for the community once again.  We have built a contact tracing app which we have offered to local governments for free. We also developed a booking app for medical centers, so patients don’t need to line up at crowded waiting rooms to minimize virus transmission.

When we presented the booking app to our first hospital client, they also needed a telemedicine and electronic health recording application which gave rise to TelehR which is a combination of booking, telemedicine and electronic patient management system for video consultation and outpatient department. Now we are looking forward to building an enterprise-grade hospital management system for the same hospital.

Our Strength.

Our strength lies in our tandem analytics and technical capabilities. We are well-versed in a variety of operating systems, networks and databases. We can develop on-premise or cloud-based applications and we can help in digital transformations of any type of organization. We can provide end-to-end information technology plan, design and build experience with our clients who we consider as partners. So if there is anything you need to build in terms of digitalization, analytics, or data management, we would love to partner with you.

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Have a Project in mind?

If you have an IT project in mind for your business or organization, connect with us and let's discuss your goals and requirements.

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Working closely with our clients, we develop data strategies that will take their business to a productive future.